"Wendu" Tongcheng blooms the flower of civilization

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Introduction: Tongcheng, the capital of Wenzhou, is famous for its writing. The city of Tongcheng is known as a civilization. Here are a few flowers of civilization blooming in Tongcheng, Wendu. Local operas are praised. Recently, the fans of Kongcheng Town Center community in Tongcheng City are happy. They directed and reflected the ancient times.

"Wendu" Tongcheng is known as "Wen". "City of Literature" Tongcheng has always been shown as a "civilized image." Here are some flowers of civilization blooming in Tongcheng, the "Wendu".

Folk opera is appreciated

Recently, the theater fans in the central community of Tongcheng Town in Tongcheng City are very happy. They have directed a small drama "Auntie Shopping" that reflects the new look of the ancient town. . Huang Xinde believes that the small drama is well-written, reflecting the new changes in the countryside and the new life of the peasants; the small drama is well performed and has a rustic flavor. The movie fans introduced to Huang Xinde that they were all mahjong fans before. It is common for couples to fight for mahjong and their families are not harmonious. The town and the community advocated the change of style and customs, and organized these art lovers to form a theater fan art team and set up equipment. Whenever they have time, they gather together to play, sing and play, cheerfully. At first several people and one team have now developed to dozens of people, several art performance teams, and theater fans from neighboring villages and even counties have come in. The family is more harmonious than before, and the village atmosphere is harmonious. Huang Xinde praised the town and the community's approach, thinking that the new era is to promote the local civilization and "encourage" them to pull the relatives and friends who have bad hobbies around the art performance team, so the village revitalization has I hope.

Tongcheng City purifies the rural customs, pays attention to "sparseness", guides farmers to form art performance teams, and plays the role of farmers in the construction of rural culture and the change of customs. On the one hand, it achieves the regularization, popularization and specialization of rural cultural activities, and at the same time through culture The subtly propaganda of the activities has made it easy to move the customs into the brain, ears, and hearts in the countryside, and promoted the construction of rural spiritual civilization.

Garden view love guests

In the garden of Wang Shaoyou, Longtou Village, Daguan Town, Tongcheng City, some vegetables and fruits are planted, and various potted plants are placed. I went to Wang Shaoyou as a guest, and entered the courtyard from the door. A lush floral scent came out, and a lot of flowers and flowers came into my eyes. The family likes to play with the flowers and plants in the courtyard, trimming and trimming them, so that the whole courtyard is full of vitality and the family is warm and harmonious.

Tongcheng launched the "Green Tongcheng · Beauty in My Home" search and selection of the most beautiful courtyards (balconies). By searching for the "most beautiful courtyards" with clean and beautiful environment, beautiful and orderly arrangement, coordinated garden design, and planting flowers and greenery, The “most beautiful balcony” with clean and beautiful environment, reasonable layout, beautiful design with low carbon, environmental protection and harmony, and green and green scenery, guides the mobilization of women and families to actively participate in the creation of civilized cities and make the urban and rural environment elegant.

"Micro plastic" beautify "face"

"It's like beautifying a person's face!" Volunteer students of Tongcheng Teachers College use their spare time to develop their artistic expertise and draw various self-made public welfare advertisements such as patriotism, environmental protection, electricity conservation, and neighborhood harmony in the residential corridors of Wenchang Street. The advertisement complements the wall, which not only beautifies the wall that was "graffitied" in the past, but also adds a cultural charm and is praised by the residents.

Wenchang Street is a typical old city with a large area and a large population. Under the halo of historically protected buildings, hardware problems such as aging houses, lane debris, and lack of public facilities have long restricted the improvement of residents' living quality. Since the establishment of the New Era Civilization Practice Station (Station) in Wenchang Subdistrict, each community has proceeded from reality, guided by the needs of residents, and dedicated to service. All-round integration, the establishment of "Five Old Volunteer Service Team" and "Old Party Member Pioneer Team", accompanied by "red armbands", wearing "little red hats", carried out "micro plastic surgery" and civilized persuasion activities. Everyone strives to be a volunteer, and they each carry out "micro plastic surgery". The main leaders of the municipal party committee and government also joined the volunteer team over the weekend, wearing "red hats" to carry out supervision, persuasion and beautification of urban volunteer service operations. In addition to "micro-shaping" the environment, Tongcheng also "micro-shaping" the image of employees and volunteers to improve their quality. Hefei Branch of the China Oriental Ceremony Research Institute was invited to come to the city to carry out civilized etiquette training.

The things around me infected the people

Cheng Yugao, a villager from Jindi Village, Tongcheng, picked up a huge amount of 118,000 yuan and gave it back to the owner intact. At present, the rural revitalization requires fresh rural customs. Cheng Yugao's behavior undoubtedly promotes the rural customs and plays a positive role in promoting rural revitalization.

Tongcheng has established ethical lecture halls in institutions, enterprises, schools, communities, villages, etc. to build its moral foundation. Lead the way, actively cultivate moral models, organize "Tongcheng Good People" and "Moral Models" to conduct in-depth moral lectures at the grass-roots level, use the people and things around them to educate and guide the people to cultivate and implement the core values of socialism; also organize moral models and good people Focus on watching the National Day military parade, let moral models and good people have a sense of honor, and let the residents have a model to learn from.

"Little people's livelihood" is convenient for residents

The charging of battery cars for high-rise residents needs to be disconnected from the upper floor. This is neither safe nor troublesome. Residents of Xingyuan District, Longteng Street, Tongcheng City, worry about charging batteries in the past. Now there is a charging shed built in the district, which is equipped with a row of plugs, which can be charged together, and they laughed. Tongcheng City has built up a charging shed for the “small people ’s livelihood” in view of the large safety hazards caused by the battery cars blocking the corridors and charging private wires in some residential communities.

Tongcheng City carried out the activities of creating civilization, closely following the word "people", and implemented the "Ten Major Enhancement Projects" with the main content of hardware shortcomings to optimize city functions and improve people's satisfaction. Since 2019, construction has started to transform the old quarters, the bazaar has been rebuilt, the hardening of the main and secondary roads and the back streets and alleys in the old city has been completed. A number of new public toilets have been newly built, and the public toilets of many enterprises and institutions have also been transformed. Construction of multiple new parking lots has begun. (

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