Tongcheng traffic police seized 26 cases of drunk driving on the 5th

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Guide: In order to do a good job of road traffic safety supervision at the end of the year and to prevent accidents, Tongcheng traffic police has comprehensively strengthened control and quickly carried out rectification actions based on the unifying actions of the 10th and the characteristics of social security traffic during the festival. Successively from December 20th to 25th

In order to do a good job in supervision of road traffic safety at the end of the year and to prevent accidents, Tongcheng traffic police has strengthened management and control in a unified manner on the basis of the "Follow Ten" unified action and the characteristics of social security traffic during the festival. From December 20th to 25th, 26 drunk driving were seized.

Tongcheng traffic police overcomes unfavorable factors and difficulties such as cold weather and continuous combat, according to the characteristics and rules of frequent occurrence of drunk driving illegal behaviors in winter, scientifically arranges services, and standardizes search points. On December 20th, it took a unified operation on "Friday", 24 On the 25th and the 25th, alcohol-related accidents were carried out in urban areas and on provincial and provincial roads where accidents involving alcohol-prone accidents occurred frequently, and in counties, townships, and towns in rural areas. We will continue to strengthen the inspection of motorcycles and small cars in the key time periods and road sections that we usually pay close attention to, and always maintain a strict and high-pressure situation of illegal driving and drinking, and resolutely discover and investigate together, and truly achieve "zero tolerance". .

In addition, the Tongcheng traffic police also arranged for personnel to go to Huoshan County, Lu'an City on December 24, with the support of the local traffic police brigade, and seized two drunk driving, one of which was suspected of being drunk.

(Responsible editor: Yun Xiaolu)


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